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Elite defensive training in hand-to-hand combat, movement, and weapons
only 28-43 minutes out of center city Charlotte, NC  


Systema Is Life. For Everyone.

Our goal is to deliver defensive training experiences designed to prepare you for real world threats, encounters, challenges and scenarios.  We have consolidated our collective experience so that you receive the most dynamic, realistic, and efficient training available.  Whether you are a member of our Armed Forces, a Police Officer or a responsibly armed citizen, you will leave our training feeling confident and ready.  Train for what matters.  Be an asset not a liability when it counts most. 


Training gives you confidence. 



Education opens new doors and experiences.


Trusted. Respected. Experienced.

We've gathered real world instructors with unique skill sets to do what it takes to train you and take your core mastery skills further than you've been.  Our instructors come from all types of fields including:

  • Armed Forces

  • Fitness Instructors

  • Law Enforcement

  • Martial Arts

  • Medical 

  • Military and Veteran 



Choose Your Own Path


Are you seeking reality-based hand-to-hand combat classes locally? Are you ready to sharpen your core training skills in functional fitness, weapons, and/or firearms? Are you looking to do a training session for your group? When you train with us, not only will you improve your own self-defense skills; you will gain an intimate connection to the Systema principles that we employ which will ultimately make you mentally stronger, physically tougher, more confident and self-aware.  

General Seiryu Systema Class Topics

  • Weapon Training - Improvised Weapons, Edged and Impact Weapons, Disarm and Retention

  • Self-Defense II - Stress Inoculation, Movement, Escaping, Disappearing, Invisible Strikes

  • Self-Defense I - Ground Fighting, Strikes, Legwork, Falling and Rolling

  • Functional Fitness - Bodywork, Flexibility, Balance, Agility, Endurance, and Strength

  • Systema Fundamentals - Breathing, Relaxation, Structure and Kinetic Motion 

General Seiryu Systema Firearm Topics

  • Firearm - Reality-Based Training, Simunition, and Ultimate Training Munitions

  • Firearm - Advanced Pressure, Movement, Strategy and Tactics

  • Firearm - Close Quarter Combat, Defense and Return Fire 

  • Firearm - Fundamental Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle Training


Adult Systema Class

Hand to Hand Combat

Instructor lead class designed to challenge your mental, physical, and emotional limitations. Our reality based classes includes both indoor and outdoor training.


Youth Systema Class

Youth Self Defense

1 hour instructor lead class that will help your child become more focused, confident, physically able, and discipline. Our classes will address your child's safety, situational awareness and anti-bullying topics.


The Lady Elite Class

Women's Self Defense

Women only self defense, situational awareness, lethal and non-lethal options, fitness, nutrition, and wellness training. Our classes will address your personal safety needs and foster empowerment. 



Functional Fitness 

Private Training

Celebrating a birthday, family reunion or conducting a local retreat? We're mobile which means we'll come to you so you can complete your group training at either your home, business, or third party venue. 


Weapons Training

Private Training

How to properly navigate through various situations, scenarios and potential threats that may present themselves on a college campus.


Firearm Training

Class / Private Training

We help you assess and redefine the modern workplace by preparing you and your organization for unexpected situations.



Small Group Training

Private / Group Training

Celebrating a birthday, family meeting at the home or conducting a local retreat? We're mobile which means we'll come to you so you can complete your group training at either your home, business, or third party venue. 


Campus Awareness

Group Training

How to properly navigate through various situations, scenarios and potential threats that may present themselves on a college campus.


Workplace Awareness

Group Training

We help you assess and redefine the modern workplace by preparing you and your organization for unexpected situations.


Besides love, time, money, and can never have enough education and training! 



** No video, blog, article, virtual instruction or content, no matter how well crafted or presented, can substitute for professional hands-on instruction. Self-defense training, especially training that includes knives, sticks, firearms, and other potentially deadly weapons, should always be undertaken responsibly and ethically, ensuring every available precaution for safety and injury prevention.
Please read our legal disclaimer. *



Concealed Handgun Defense

Concealed Carry Handgun Classes & Certification

Earning your North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit in itself is not a final destination. It really is only the beginning of thoroughly understanding firearm safety, efficient gun handling and everyday concealed carry procedures. Our NRA Certified and N.C. Department of Justice Certified concealed carry instructors will train and equip every student in these key concepts of the N.C. CCH Certification Course:


  • Defensive Concealed Carry (Common and Statutory) Laws

  • The Principles Of Using Deadly Force

  • Using Deadly Force In Defense Of Others

  • How To Properly Interact With Police

  • How To Safely Handle & Use Your Firearm

  • Marksmanship, Maintenance & Cleaning 
  • New Laws Regarding Concealed Carry

  • Reciprocity & Traveling With Your Firearm

  • Role Playing Dynamic Concealed Carry Scenarios


"We provide our students with the most practical, efficient and realistic Concealed Carry Class in the area. We go over and beyond the basic requirements needed to pass the N.C. Concealed Carry Certification Course." 



** All CONCEALED CARRY STUDENTS Must Meet All State AND Federal Requirements That Allow The Use, Possession & Handling of Firearms and ammunition In The State Of North Carolina.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please read our legal disclaimer. **



Systema Is Life. For Everyone.


Seiryu Systema is a fighting arts, self-defense and firearms training company located in the greater Charlotte Metro Area of North Carolina.  "Seiryu" means azure or blue dragon.  Seiryu is believed to be a guardian spirit and protector in ancient Japan.  "Systema" is a military combative and a Russian fighting principle, not a traditional martial art or sport competition. 

Our team of professional instructors are dedicated to providing realistic, dynamic, and efficient defensive training to our clients and their families.  We specialize in creating reality based training and delivering customized, personalized and unique private training experiences for our clients.

The Method

We will teach you our four (4) pillars which is applicable to every realistic scenario and aspect of your life while preparing you for the most unpredictable and plausible situations. 

The Approach

You will learn how to be effective and efficient in escaping imminent threat of death, great bodily harm, or sexual assault, defending yourself, and loved ones 


Just as every day unfolds differently in life, no class in Systema is ever the same as the last one.  We are one of the few realistic fighting arts that explores overcoming uncertainty, unpredictability and fear.  Many times, training will include weapons such as knives, firearms, sticks, etc. and include striking, kicking, wrestling, and grappling as well as multiple attackers with different weapons.  The reality is you'll never know what you may experience in a class with us which will make you a better protector, defender and civilian should stuff hit the fan.  In all things be empowered, grounded, clear and coherent.

The Proccess

Explore combative arts using realistic scenarios, ideas and concepts to defensive situations. Unlearn personal bad habits. Use only what is functional and practical.

"The System"

Test, experiment, train and implement Systema​ into your fitness, fighting arts, and firearm training. Systema is life. 


All matter including power and energy is made up of atoms.  An atom is the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter that has properties of a chemical element.  Likewise, there are four fundamental states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.  We will delve deeper into your mental fortitude, psyche, personal body strength and conditioning.  psyche.  Discover a stronger inner person as you tap into your energetic reservoirs, advanced human technologies and hidden dimensions of potential and expressed energy.  Become the best possible you!


Power is energy. Likewise, power is also the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Regardless of the terrains, environments and conditions you have the power to alter the way you fight or escape. 


However, if you never know the condition in which “attacks”or “danger” might occur, then techniques are not the best tools to rely on. What makes you survive and thrive depends largely on the 4 Major Principles: Breath. Relaxation. Kinetics. Structure. 


I. Breathing – proper breathing relaxes your body and restores your power in the moment of crisis against negatively charged emotions that rob your power.

II. Relaxation – essential in taking less damage from any attack and transferring your true power into your opponent and allow you to move freely.

III. Kinetic Motion – creates constant flow of power and movement from within, that allows you to escape and counter seamlessly.

IV. Structure – aligns your body to the most powerful state and overcomes others' strength effortlessly.



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