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Seiryu Systema was founded on the basis of bringing elite defensive training to the everyday citizen and more. 

Our vision is to safeguard humanity by fostering a safer, more alert society and protect what matters most.

We have worked relentlessly to bring you training so you be best equipped to survive real world threats and encounters. Our curriculum, courses, and methodology are grounded in Systema. Systema is a military combative and principle, not a competitive sport.  

Systema principles are simple to learn yet when applied to defensive training it is challenging no matter your current skill level.  We have organized our Systema training into three preeminent areas: fitness, fighting art, and firearm training.  We then provide the experience, scenario and intelligence so you can test and train yourself beyond the limits of your own personal readiness. 

By testing the limits of your own personal readiness you will gain heightened levels of personal discovery, awareness, achievement, defense and confidence.  Therefore, it is our hope that you never stop training, learning and growing. 

Systema is Life

Systema is Life. For Everyone.


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